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      CSS Forum Team


      With each passing day of December, 2021, another Financial Loss to many CSS Officers seems inevitable!

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      Dev Gupta

      We 2012 Batch ASOs are on higher loss. Our one increment has already been lost now with DoPT relying on Supreme Court Judgement it seems this December will pass too resulting in delaying increment by 6 months more…

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      Hon’ble SC has reserved the Judgement in the matter. The final Judgement likely to come in Jan 2022. We may only pursue DoPT to continue Ad-hoc promotions due to administrative exigencies. By the Way DoPT itself writing in each promotion Order that subject to outcome of the court judgement. Hence, there is no chance of contempt if administrative exigencies is shown.

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      Deepak Kumar Singh

      I think the focus of our representations ought to now be the apparent and disconcerting inconsistency in DoPT’s actions in allowing ad-hoc promotions subject to court cases outcomes in some cases, whereas erecting excuses of those very same court cases in stonewalling ad-hoc promotions in others. Unless, of course, Forum fears that DoPT will henceforth choose to be consistent in disallowing promotions in all cases on this ground.

      We need to bring out this aspect forcefully and relentlessly to bring home the point that objective treatment, rather similar treatment, in similar situations is not being meted out.

      This, ofcourse, when Forum is confident that DoPT won’t turn full-fledged obstructionist.

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      Due to Ongoing court cases, regular promotion is not possible, but no court in my knowledge has ever stopped Ad-hoc promotions. To fill the Gap, it is necessary to pursue DoPT for Ad-hoc promotions due to severe shortage of officers everywhere.

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