Congratulations CSS Officers! CSS grew by 36 more posts with DS/US/SO/ASO level posts been encadred in Ministry of Cooperation – DoPT
December 9, 2021
Latest (11.12.21) circulars regarding Filling up posts on Deputation Basis – Deputation
December 11, 2021

How to RE-START Promotions in CSS? ? ? Do you have a Solution/ Advice! Please Comment! – Discussion

With each passing day of December, 2021, another Financial Loss to many CSS Officers seems inevitable!

CSS Forum Team
Author: CSS Forum Team


  1. Abhay Kumar says:

    If our cadre controlling authority is aversive of our due benefits, we must show some unity. CSS forum must convey it’s strong displeasure over the situation and warn DoPT, if situation goes like that they may call for a pen down strike.

  2. Abhay Kumar says:

    The upcoming judgement has no bearing on the promotion of ASO to SO grade. DoPT must consider this. If DoPT desire, they may further go for a VC with AG and give a nod for promotion subject to judgement, at least in ASO grade, as it has no bearing of reservation in any category for now.

  3. AG should give a letter that in the hearings concluded there is nothing adverse/mention regarding the Contempt Petition. He should recommend that Ad-hoc be carried out. Until then, DOPT won’t go ahead.

  4. Chaman Guleria says:

    We should be United and think of all grades from ASO to JS in situ and try to fight for devising some mechanism for consideration of promotions at least twice in each year so that posts do not remain vacant for more than six months. DOPT should be accountable for this and we should not look like beggars while asking for our legitimate rights.
    United efforts can only yield good results.
    We should submit draft mechanism to Minister DOPT through association and fight for this relentlessly.
    All the best

  5. Ujjwal Kumar says:

    CSS, despite being one of the most visible services within the Government, has to keep waiting for its legitimate rights i.e. promotions in every grade each time it’s due. This misfortune can’t be conveyed in another term given the fact that same CSS is a part in facilitating promotions in other cadres received from time to time (even during pendency of such matters in Hon’ble Courts). It doesn’t matter whether promotions are held in December thereby giving these officers some kind of incremental benefits, point is why CSS is being deprived of its rights every other day even though such rights are due. Think about those officers who have superannuated or who have lost precious years waiting for promotions thus losing their claim for promotion in the next grade. It’s about the glory of the CSS which needs to be restored so that such benefits are automatic and time bound rather then waiting indefinitely. Forum being the representative of service has its task cut out to see how the glory of CSS is restored so that its officers have not to struggle at every point. This demotivates/demoralises the service.

  6. Anurag Goel says:

    Why are we waiting for announcement of final judgment by Supreme Court. It had already clarified in final hearings that it is not going to review Nagraj judgment any further. The chances are remote that SC will decide in this final judgment whether individual cadre authorities in Central and State Govts before it have complied with conditions of Nagraj judgment while making promotions. So what sort of order we are expecting. It is right time for Forum to again push DoPT to carry out adhoc promotions immediately subject to final judgment especially since we are in December month. It is in Govt’s own interest to issue promotion orders now. It can be too late once the final judgment comes. At least put the onus on Govt that it didn’t listen to the suggestion of Forum when there was time.

  7. Balbir Singh says:

    Promotions are held up due the judgement reserved by the Supreme court. The adhoc promotions can continue if we take up the matter through our Counsel and seek some sort of exception as Supreme court may take months to come up with judgement which has nothing to do with ad hoc promotion which was stopped due to the contempt. We may request Ministry of Legal Affairs to intervene.

  8. Dev Gupta says:

    We 2012 Batch ASOs are on higher loss. Our one increment has already been lost now with DoPT relying on Supreme Court Judgement it seems this December will pass too resulting in delaying increment by 6 months more…

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