Contribute for Family is a fund-raising initiative by the CSS Forum on behalf of members of the Central Secretariat Service to pay Homage to deceased CSS Officers & provide Financial Support to their family. 

We all know that no words can bring comfort to the bereaved family or fill the void left due to the death of our dear friends & Colleagues working in different Ministries/ Departments. In these terrible times, we all can pray for the salvation of the departed soul and provide suitable financial support to the family to make their arduous journey less difficult in years ahead through either of the following: 

CSS Forum CARE Fund Account  or

Contributions made directly to individual CSS Officer’s bereaved family Account.

Complete Donors Lists (till 10:00 PM on 27.07.2021.)

1.     CSS Forum CARE Fund Account (Common Fund) :

वर्तमान में CSS Forum CARE फंड की उपलब्धता एवं दिवंगत साथियों की संख्या को ध्यान में रखते हुए, सभी दिवंगत साथियों के परिवारों को 25 हजार की न्यूनतम आर्थिक सहायता देने हेतु CSS Forum प्रतिबद्ध है।

Since, 25,000 is a meagre amount and CSS Forum do not have any source of income, all officers  are requested to donate generously & frequently to CSS Forum CARE fund so that in future a higher amount may be provided to the bereaved families.

Contributions Received (till 10:00 PM on 27.07.2021) = ₹ 11,52,164- (Donor list above)





2.    Contribute directly to individual CSS Officer’s bereaved family account:

Link/Appeals for individual fund collection are being generated only on request from any colleague or friend of deceased CSS Officer to any office bearer of the CSS Forum. Since, in case of individual request, CSS forum only provides online Payment Gateway (accepting Credit/Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Wallets, UPI etc. ) and bank account for collection, the final amount of financial support to be provided to the family depends solely on the efforts/contributions made by the friends/colleagues of deceased CSS officers.



In the honor of


CSSF Appeal No…. Dated…….. (Individual)

No individual request is active now.








Details of Closed Appeals/ Contributions transferred till date to Bereaved Families of Deceased CSS Officers


































Note: Recently, approx. 50+ CSS Officers have lost their lives and CSS Forum is putting efforts to get details. All Officers who are in contact with the bereaved families are requested to contact CSS Forum rep at earliest, so that in this difficult time, we, as CSS Fraternity, at least provide immediate financial assistance to the families🙏
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